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  1. lory

    What's the best 2FA device, supporting google 2fa to buy?

    This looks like a unusual question, but I'm afraid of if my phone get lost or damaged then I will not have access to several wallets etc. any longer. For that reason I was wondering what device I could possibly buy to use for the same purpose. I only use Googles 2FA App which I downloadet. Any...
  2. lory

    Stellar ( XLM ) do you think it will go above 5$ ?

    I have read that IBM among a few other major fortune 500 companies are behind the coin, now I was wondering what do you think is this coin exploding in the near future to new all time high's or will it get into the same trouble as Ripple / XRP does? I consider to put a few thousand dollars into...
  3. lory

    Do you want to bet, how long before spam from this bot?

    From time to time my eyes rule down to see how many users this forum gets, today I want to welcome 90daymeds https://www.offshorecorptalk.com/members/90daymeds.19834/ how long does it take before we see spam from this bot and it get banned? please cast a vote.
  4. lory

    Does someone know Coingate?

    I came across this website Purchase Bitcoin and Altcoins With Credit/Debit Card - CoinGate and wonder if this is a legitimated website or simply a scam? It is used by scam artists to threaten people to pay them with bitcoins for either not hacking their site or not releasing porn footage of...
  5. lory

    What's your positive sorts on these offshore jurisdictions?

    I'm wondering more and more what the real basis is that neither Belize, the Seychelles nor the BVI have filed for bankruptcy yet? What do you need these jurisdictions for now that they can offer neither tax havens, privacy nor save your money? They have to live off something, the question is...
  6. lory

    Problems receiving account authoritization email from blockchain.com?

    Is there anyone else that has problems to receive e-mails from blockchain.com and the authorization code? The last 24 hours I have tried to login to my account, the usual screen shows up: but I don't receive the e-mail, normally I receive it without troubles, it is on my iPhone, and I...
  7. lory

    Kraken or AdvCash - exchange crypto to fiat?

    What is your take on this which of the two EMI's / Exchange services do you prefer if you can only choose between these?
  8. lory

    Question Virtual Office Address for Cyprus, UK and Spain?

    I need to find a virtual office address for Cyprusm, the UKand Spain. All three destinations must have real addresses not P.O Boxes. Is there anyone that know which service may be available to offer that? I checked clevver Sign In with Clevver mail but they only offer P.O. Boxes as far as I...
  9. lory

    Delaware or Wyoming company for creditor protection will it work?

    I have already explained my situation in another thread on this forum. Now I wonder, can a Delaware company protect me from my creditors in the EU? Can you explain ANY setup including a Delaware or Wyoming LLC that can protect me? Or is this all just a dream :(
  10. lory

    Any review on Capital Security Bank Limited?

    I'm looking into Capital Security Bank Limit which also advertise on the forum. Can we trust this bank and are they a real bank or a EMI, your thoughts please?
  11. lory

    What and where to setup complete company with all included?

    I'm looking for the following: Company Nominee director Nominee shareholder Bank or EMI account that WORK with PayPal PayPal account All need to be verified and not be based on darks or anything, I require a bank account / EMI + PayPal which is a must both need to be registered in the...
  12. lory

    EMI to transfer payments from PayPal

    Does someone know which EMI is compatible with PayPal. I want to transfer payments from my PayPal account to that EMI like I do to my normal bank account today?? Is there any EMI that will work for this?
  13. lory

    What EMI for UAE / United Arab Emirates company?

    Can you explain to me what EMI will work with a UAE company setup by legal agent? I don't know if Transferwise will accept it, but Leopay don't want it.
  14. lory

    I'm hopeless lost, need HELP for offshore company and creditor protection

    I'm really on the bucket because of my pastmin past, the story goes back more than 10 years. To make it short, I have a personal debt of almost 700K euros and the tax authorities will have a guarantee of 100K if I have to open a business again and register for VAT. In addition, I can not get a...
  15. lory

    Is there a robot to auto trade bitcoin or ETH?

    I wonder if you someone know is there a ROBOT to trade crypto, it need something that is for beginner I don't know how trading works but would like to see if I can make some extra money? Any suggestion or input is good please.
  16. lory

    I'm going to Zürich on Monday, how do go about it?

    I hope there are people around here from Switzerland or know what the current situation is. I go there on Monday by Car I don't live so far away from Switzerland, but is it mandatory with Mask's every, mean inside + outside or more relaxed like in Sweden? Is it different from where you are...
  17. lory

    How is possible to invest in Diamonds?

    I have read so much about investment in Diamonds and was wondering if it is possible with a sum of 50K euro at all! What would you suggest will be the best way to invest into diamonds if at all??
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