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    SS-4 Form (EIN) - A foreigner with a SSN

    Hi everyone, I'm about to start a LLC in NM and I saw that asking for an EIN takes about 45 days for a foreigner and only few days for a SSN holder. I used to be a temporary worker, I have a SSN but I'm not a resident and I don't have a visa (I left 2 years ago). If I apply for an EIN with my...
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    Newbie - About to start a LLC

    Hi everyone! I'm that usual member, resident in Europe (high tax country) who is planning on doing Amazon FBA with a LLC in NM I have few questions and my first one would be: - I have a SSN (not a dark ;) ) but no resident visa neither a temporary visa (used to be two years ago). When I do my...
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