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  1. Brunoweb

    Netherlands VPS hosting ? Any recommendations?

    Would like to host e-commerce site. Netherlands server location. Require 50 gbs of HD + upgrade in future. What host is better? Any info on Hostry.com Netherlands VPS hosting ? Where can I read true reviews about them?
  2. Brunoweb

    offshore KVM web hosting required

    Looking for any suggestions on these needs: - 150 GB (Hard Disk) , 1 GB (Ram), 3 TB (Bandwidth), Windows OS. I would like to know your views on Libertyvps.net offshore KVM web hosting plans? Their price looks to be super cheap. Any info about them? What provider is better?
  3. Brunoweb

    What hosts are good for ordering servers in Mexico? Why?

    Need: over 1 TB + 500GBs of disk space. Mexico. I would like to host 10 sites and need reliable host with responsive customer support. How is Digitalserver.com.mx provider? What can you say about their server hosting services in Mexico? What host is better from your views?
  4. Brunoweb

    London Unmetered servers?

    I need Fast dedicated server with 1 TB of Hard Disk + 24 GB - RAM + 16 TB - bandwidth I've browsed this web host - Hostunmetered.net and their London Unmetered servers. Is it reliable web host? Any experiences dealing with them? What are your suggestions for the list?
  5. Brunoweb

    Good OpenCart VPS hosting in Ukriane?

    I require: 120 gbs of HD, 2500 GB of bandwidth, 2 gbs of ram. Opencart support + 24/7 customer support. What can you say about 3v-host.com web hosting in Ukraine? Any info on the quality of their web hosting services and their server stability?
  6. Brunoweb

    wanna host 2 e-commerce sites

    Need: over 35 gbs of disk space. I would like to host 2 e-commerce sites in the USA/Europe and need reliable host with responsive customer support. What can you say about Cloudarion.com or QHoster.com web hosting services? What host is better from your views?
  7. Brunoweb

    web host in the USA to get reseller hosting?

    Hey guys, I need your help to choose the right web host in the USA to get reseller hosting account. Anyone to help me? Requirements: - 200 GB HD, - Linux I have found these ones: Dailyrazor.com and Kvchosting.net - their pricing suits my budget. Any info on their server stability and speed? What...
  8. Brunoweb

    managed adult dedicated server hosting?

    I'm looking for the hosting solution with these specs: 1 TB (ssd) - HD, 14 TB - data transfer, Linux, managed, 24 GB - RAM Any experience with Exmasters.com dedicated web hosting services? Are they offering any fresh discounts or promos now? Where can I read customer hosting reviews about the...
  9. Brunoweb

    Offshore Russia VPS hosting?

    Hey guys, I decided to ask you to help me in choosing the best Russia vps hosting provider. Requirements: helpful customer support 24/7, 50 gbs of Hard Disk, 2 GBs of Ram, 2 TBs of bandwidth,Linux. How is warez-host.com and their Russia vps deals? What are your views? What host would you choose...
  10. Brunoweb

    Cheap Netherlands dedicated?

    which hosting is best for getting dedicated servers at? Need: over 1000 gbs of disk space. I would like to host 10 sites in Netherlands and need reliable host with responsive customer support. What can you say about Hostplay.com web hosting services? What host is better from your views?
  11. Brunoweb

    cloud ssd hosting recommendations?

    I wanna make a notion on the best CLOUD SSD host available in the market. I have already found rareservers.com and also solvps.com - they offer nice cloud ssd hosting deals. BTW, what are your views on these hosts? Reliable or not? What other reliable cloud ssd hosts do you know and can...
  12. Brunoweb

    What reliable hosts with servers in US do you know?

    Hello I need a dedicated server in USA Need a DDos Protection 5gb+ Budget : 300 usd Xeon E3 1230 or Atom 2gb memory+ I have done a search and found Hostwinds.com - their servers look quite good for my needs. What can you say about them, their server stability, speed and customer support? Pricing?
  13. Brunoweb

    ssd vps hosting in US? Recommendations

    Please recommend me a good and reliable host. I want to order ssd vps hosting solution in US for my new online project. Require over 50 gbs of Hard Disk. Linux. Any recommendations? I have already found kvchosting.com and also hostwinds.com, but still hesitate. Any experience using their ssd...
  14. Brunoweb

    Need help to compare web hosts: Hostwinds & Demontech

    Hey guys, I've started thinking of buying vps hosting account for my 5 new wordpress blogs. They require over 40 gbs of disk space + 1000 gbs of bandwidth, Linux. I have found hostwinds.com and also demontech.net - their prices meet my budget. What host would you choose? WhY? Any experiences...
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