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  1. andreas

    What offshore company for bank account and payment processing?

    Great list thanks for the share.
  2. andreas

    Scottish LLP need more information and fees please?

    There are a few good providers around LLP Formation in Scotland, Registration of a Scottish LLP from £32.00 there are cheaper around if you Google, but these are OK to use.
  3. andreas

    Guatemala Company and bank account for lottery business?

    What's the cost for all of this, can you post it please?
  4. andreas

    Opening Bank Account

    Can bee good if you live there and only for private safing accounts. I would split my Money always into several banks and more reliable banks.
  5. andreas

    Best offshore bank CIM Bank Review maybe?

    Most often it is faster to simply pay someone that knows how to go about it rather than to try at your own and even be declined! Thanks for your input, I will PM you shortly to discuss something if you don't mind ? :)
  6. andreas

    Euro Pacific Bank Ltd

    Sounds to me that I need to give it a try, thanks for your valuable input.
  7. andreas

    Ireland company vs Cyprus company formation what you think is best?

    For me a Irish Company would work great also with these double tax treties with my country. However, what I think is that we need to know how we can open a bank account for this Company in Ireland!
  8. andreas

    You know this company youroffshorecompanyformation.com want to know if they good?

    Don't think they are fraud but only crocks overcharging their customers in an sneaky way!!
  9. andreas

    You know this company youroffshorecompanyformation.com want to know if they good?

    Good idea at least if you don't want to get in troubles because you exceed your budget...!!!
  10. andreas

    Worldcore banking alternative with debit cards.. Please Read!

    For how long have you been a customer there? I cross my fingers it is a valid solution that we can trust but still not sure if it is??nai¤%
  11. andreas

    Suggestion for corporate bank account in cyprus that can be opened remotely

    All I can say is that Things have changed and it takes much more time to get a bank account not just in Cyprus but also in Belize, Mauritius, Cooks Islands and wherever I have asked or applied I get the answer it takes between 2 and 5 weeks without guaranatees!
  12. andreas


    panama papers
  13. andreas

    panama papers

    Do you know whata it was? Depending on the answer it may be the reason for why an investigation was triggered.
  14. andreas

    IS Seychelles holding and Cyprus trading corp. still best solution for privacy protection?

    If you consider to setup a holding Company and you want to contract with any business in Europe I would at any time consider to setup a Cyprus holding Company and not in the Seychelles! All lights are blinking when your business partner see a Seychelles or Belize holding Company. If you are...
  15. andreas

    Best company to for offshore company formation for large businesses

    OP how is it going with your setup? I would like to know if you choose one of the top 500 accounting firms suggested?
  16. andreas

    Is it mandatory to have passport and utility bill notarized in all jurisdictions now?

    I have been shopping a Little around to find out what other options I have to incorporate my business. It should be other than Cyprus, Belize, Seychelles and Panama since I'm already either have a Company there or in the process to setup. I was looking at Dominica, Cook Islands and Vanuatu all...
  17. andreas

    I have offshore company in Belize cna I have same name in Seychelles?

    That is true.. I have same name for my company in Belize and Seychelles!
  18. andreas

    Software company where?

    Thank you all for suggestions and reply. The US Company formation sounds appealing to me and my business but I'm not really ready to go that route as things are now. Ireland sounds good but after the sheet @dotbloup posted it's also not viable for me.
  19. andreas

    Paypal allowed with all banks in cyprus?

    As long as we can withdraw money to that card and it's going to my bank account in Cyprus I'm perfectly fine with that!
  20. andreas

    Offshore company for 2checkout.com + bank account again??

    Thank you. I will try to sort it out with that. Chatting with Admin now for an Cyprus Company for this purpose.
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