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    Hi, Does anybody know how many years back do accounts get reported? I mean they surely don't report every account ever opened. So what happens if an account is closed 1-2 years before the implementation? Thanks
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    suggestion for freelancer

    Thanks for the reply. it is not a startup, i've been freelancing for about 2 years now. Initially the pay was really crap and I worked only few hours, but now I am doing it full time and sometimes the weeks can be very long. So to grow the business even more I would have to hire. There are...
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    U.S. on Course to Land on European Tax Blacklist

    ... so let's hope they opt to end up on the blacklist
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    suggestion for freelancer

    Hi, any advice on the ideal set up for a freelancer? sorry if my question is stupid, I've only recently started to think/read about it, but how do you then retrieve/use the money from the business? So far, what i saw/understood would involve becoming resident of a country that does not tax...
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    Second passport

    It gives you greater freedom to travel (ie: if you can only stay 6 months/year in a country without visa, then you can potentially remain idefinitly by switching passport mid air. Not sure it is legal but nobody seems to cares). But I don't think that was the real meaning of your question and...
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