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  1. orangekangaroo

    Countries with Digital Nomad Visa

    I came across this article 23 Countries With Digital Nomad Visas Around The World which has a comprehensive list of countries with Digital Nomad Visas. It does not go into tax detail that much, more into requirements, Internet speed, cost of living and what program there is available...
  2. orangekangaroo

    Cyprus Non Dom Tax and Overseas Earnings Of PE More than 90 days abroad

    I understand as an EU citizen I can become tax resident and use non-dom regime in Cyprus if I meet the following requirements: 60 days stay yearly rental Cyprus company to employ yourself, however, I have also found out if you can prove you can support yourself this is not a requirement. Divi...
  3. orangekangaroo

    Greece 2.5% Divi Tax, alternative to Cyprus Non Dom Divi of 2.65%

    Greece and tax friendly does that exist? Greece has some of the lowest dividend taxes in Europe at 5%. For anyone moving their tax base to Greece for 2021 will get a 7-year reduction of 50%, making the Divi effectively 2.5%. This would be interesting to anyone who has a company with substance...
  4. orangekangaroo

    Georgia - Low cost setup with individual entrepreneur scheme

    Georgia has the individual entrepreneur scheme which is very interesting for startups. This is handy before you start venturing out in more expensive offshore structures. Up to 166K euros, the individual entrepreneur will get taxed 1% on turnover, plus there is the 4% obligatory amount you have...
  5. orangekangaroo

    LLC + Mercury + Proof of Residency (Thailand)

    I am looking at opening an LLC and use Mercury for the bank account as a non-US resident. I do read you need an ITIN for this. I would like some feedback from others who have opened up this way, or failed. Can you do this with a Thai residential address? If not how about Panama. Love to hear...
  6. orangekangaroo

    Panama residency and PE rules

    I am looking at Panama residency. Mainly because of Teritorial taxation. My main businesses will be billing through US/Canada LLC and UK LLP. These business will be controlled out of Panama. In Panama as all income is from abroad there is no taxation, as the same rules apply for Panamanian...
  7. orangekangaroo

    Yearly cost of running a Cyprus Company

    I would love to have some feedback from people that actually have a Cyprus company on how much the running of it all costs per year.
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