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    Quick Cashout Bitcoin - Portugal vs Malta for EU Citizen

    This company list approximately 8 properties for sale in all of Europe with 3 in Portugal Not exactly a great selection. Maybe in he future it might be viable and many more sellers interested but when this bull market is over sellers will likely dry up
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    Quick Cashout Bitcoin - Portugal vs Malta for EU Citizen

    Yeah he is clearly full of cow manure. Almost all his comments are misguided opinions, here-say, or outright FUD Maria Anna Pescadinha, a Portuguese attorney was recently on Crypto tips youtube channel and she said Portugal not taxing crypto is not ending anytime soon bc there is currently no...
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    Quick Cashout Bitcoin - Portugal vs Malta for EU Citizen

    You can't - why would an agent or owner take the depreciation risk? Portuguese real estate is hot property right now (pardon the pun) with no shortage of buyers. Add to this the fact that golden visa regulations on where you can buy are about to change next year for the worse so why would...
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    Cryptofriendly banks

    The BTC atm machines work for small amounts - say around 5 k - but they bite you on fees and have low limits perhaps related to the amount of cash actually in the machine. There is a video on youtube of a guy going around to atm's dealing with the frustration involved in waiting for network...
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    List of Method to Spend Bitcoin without Trace

    yes, i wondered the same thing. Besides monero there is a coin called firo (formerly zcoin) another excellent privacy solution where anonymized Firos are in a general pool of thousands of other commitments and therefore cannot be traced.
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    Does EuroPacificbank accepts crypto deposit from exchanges ?

    Generally speaking, sending funds from an OTC account in Singapore or H.K raises way fewer flags. But as has been mentioned, Peter aint big on Crypto coming into his 'bank'
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    KYC Exchange funds to non-KYC wallet

    KYC wallets were proposed by the US Treasury in December 2020 but are not law and may never be passed. What does verify the receiving wallet entail? When I was transferring funds from my Chinese exchange hosted wallet back when China was closing exchanges I had to verify it by having them...
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    Quick Cashout Bitcoin - Portugal vs Malta for EU Citizen

    It's open to anyone including retirees. Where is this news? Provide a link please
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    Quick Cashout Bitcoin - Portugal vs Malta for EU Citizen

    This is nonsense. Perhaps you should do your own research on the NHR scheme and the different visa's offered to people such as the D7. How does your first statement support Portugal not being crypto friendly? The government has stated that they wont tax it! How do you know the government will...
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    Quick Cashout Bitcoin - Portugal vs Malta for EU Citizen

    might be possible but property deals are usually done in cash and prices are bargained on the promise of cash now not the promise of higher returns later in crypto appreciation. I think it will be a hard sell but you never know - maybe in Lisbon it could be possible? I don't think there are...
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    Question Bitcoin to Gold business

    Porch pirates around the world are gonna love you for it ;)
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    Question CRS: What if no Tax-ID is given? Can they still collect your data?

    It's a really good question. If you look up AEIO regs it's supposed to be everything from name, dob, address, balance, deposit and withdrawals, and tax id. Basically, everything that could identify you without question. I suspect that banks/financial institutions that don't ask for all this...
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    Quick Cashout Bitcoin - Portugal vs Malta for EU Citizen

    The Golden visa is 350K plus costs
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    Quick Cashout Bitcoin - Portugal vs Malta for EU Citizen

    No. As a general rule, an individual is qualified as a resident of Portugal if he is present in Portugal for more than 183 days, consecutive or otherwise, in any 12-month period. Getting into the NHR doesn't make you a resident for tax purposes. Maltese banks are not crypto cash out friendly.
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    If crypto gets stolen, who is to pay taxes on it?

    no taxes are payable unless you incurred a taxable event on the crypto such as trading. buying and hodling doesnt incur taxes.
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    Bitcoin friendly bank in Portugal?

    Of course it depends on your governments tax laws. For example, tax treaties with Portugal, rules on capital gains etc.
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    Bitcoin friendly bank in Portugal?

    Santander will process crypto - cash outs from exchanges. Due diligence? They know it's coming from an exchange but I doubt they will be asking the exchange any questions. If this is a concern then perhaps use an OTC to cash out and sent money from. You will need to explain if its not on your...
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