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    Reliable EMIs

    Hi to all, I'm coming back to an old discussion, in quick.. Are EMIs reliable? My personal understanding is a big NO. I have a company, everything totally fair & honest, customers are in Europe and are really top companies. Amounts are small (less than 12K euro), Euro only. TransferWise...
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    Rak company and risks

    Hi to all I'm under the process of creating a rak offshore in Dubai. I found a very kind agent (from internet only) and i sent the papers he requested signed plus passport and rest information. He came back and asked me my other company formation documents (I have another company offshore)...
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    Reliable EMI for IT consulting

    Hi, I have a company registered in Marshall, I am doing IT consulting (5-6 specific customers only from Europe or UAE), I would kindly ask your suggestion for reliable EMIs other than TW. I am not doing any online business, no selling products to many people, just consulting and some time some...
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    Help for company

    Hi to all I want to open a consult company ( it technology) and I'm between the Seychelles, Belize, BVI or ST Vincent company I just read that St. Vincent got to 30% tax so leaving it out and staying with the first 3... Main concerns 1. With which one I can open a fully working PayPal? (I...
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    US LLC? Company formation

    Hi, I am looking to open a USA company (inside usa not around like delaware etc). What are the options and any suggested agent to do it? I want the company to be honest and at my name or nominee. I am doing consulting IT services, cloud services etc. I also need a bank account in USA i assume...
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    BankONE mauritius vs OCBC Singapore

    Hi to all, is BankONE Mauritius safe??? In the past I was looking to open to Euro Pacific Bank and I stopped after @Martin Everson 's and most of other users here, comments. My question is: I have a company in Marshall islands (nominee director, myself as shareholder 100%). I need a SAFE...
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    epayments vs transferwise

    Hello all, for an offshore in marshal, which is a safer solution to accept payments instead of bank? epayments or transferwise? Are they safe or they are blocking accounts for ever? Also, what else is the option for remote fast opening? thank you
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    Euro pacific bank - reliable, safe or no

    Is this bank safe? I read a lot negative reviews from people that their account frozen, etc etc. Can anyone say please? Also what are the reliable alternatives to open for an ofshore company? Reliable 100% i mean that you will not see your money dissapear. Thank you
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    Privacy of Marshall Islands Company & Allowances

    Hi, a bit-quite urgent... can somebody help 1) Is Marshall Islands company (with nominee Director, but myself as Shareholder) a really safe / privacy solution? Are there any pages mentioning something or a comparisson between other regions? I would like complete privacy. 2) In marshall islands...
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    New EU Direction released yesterday / these days?

    Hi, My accountant told me that yesterday there was a EU Direction released regarding the Offshores (probably black/gray/white lists). Do you have any ideas? Can somebody send the link if you are aware? many thanks
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    The list of TAX heavens in EU

    Hello all, anyone knows if this has been updated? I heard that is coming soon. Anyone has the list that mentions the black, gray and white? Thank you
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    DTA fact and differences

    Hello to everybody, a quick question. What is really DTA? So if an offshore from country A (NOT signed DTA) invoices a company in Malta, and another offshore from country B (HAS signed DTA with Malta) invoices the company in Malta, what is the difference? Since dividents and taxation in both...
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    Company to formate Marshall company.

    Dear all friends here, I know it's a little bit unusual question but (as always) i need your help. I am planning to open a company in Marshall, can somebody suggest me a FAIR agent which will do FAIRLY everything with nominees & bank account opening? Apologies for this type of question but i...
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    The.. OffShore of 2020!

    Hi to all, I am a new member and for hours reading the forum.. Exceptional! After reading this article by admin ( ) I have a question, the same that I'm sure that most of you have... : Which is the best offshore...
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    Suggestion for an offshore company

    Hi to all, A brand -new-bie here :). I would like your help on something. I have already a company in Cyprus which is under nominees.. So, I don't appear at all. I currently have around 12% taxation per year. I am not living there at all; just having the company. Company provides consulting...
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