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  1. clemens

    Company in Israel

    What's your budget to setup the company and are you serious or just a random poster ?
  2. clemens

    Cheap offshore company with hidden owners

    Go inside mentor group gold, ping some of the specialists on the forum there and you will find a solution!
  3. clemens

    How do you know if you have to comply with Economic Substance requirements in Bahamas?

    You will figure that out once you apply for a bank account there, most often you will run into a wall and they will tell you what is required.
  4. clemens

    Cheap nominee service for UK company

    What is cheap and why cheap? It is your company he will have control on?
  5. clemens

    After some time: New company formation

    nice to see you back here :) Have you contacted people like @AlexPCS @neweraoffshore @Marc Rich @Fred or @Gediminas There are many more, all of them may be able to help you with one or the other solution and company setup. Why Hong Kong, in particular reason for that?
  6. clemens

    Alternatives to wise

    Have a great look at all EMI's around. There are so many, for instant Google search the forum for EMI's there is a big thread with hundred of EMI's so there is Resource section in mentor group. Don't go for just the first and best. Intergiro and Paysera are great alternatives so there is...
  7. clemens

    Overseas assets

    site:offshorecorptalk.com <search term> Try the above to search the forum, you will be amazed about what you will find. Do I have to say that you need to replace <search term> with what you look for hi%#
  8. clemens

    TransferWise blocked suppliers account

    so you may have the reason why they block this supplier. Of course there is no way to get around it unless your supplier open an account with a bank or some different EMI!
  9. clemens

    a "frontman" for Anon asset transfers

    From reading your thread I believe you need to consult someone professional to clarify your personal situation for you and your business. Just saying, you can also wait and see what other replies you may get here.
  10. clemens

    Question 7 figures offshore

    please keep us posted yes.
  11. clemens

    legally earn bitcoin (Crypto) cashout method without any setup in Dubai or any other juridication

    second that.. there are many sellers here on the forum that will be able to help you.
  12. clemens

    a "frontman" for Anon asset transfers

    You better find a very good attorney to help you with such a document and setup. You play with fire!
  13. clemens

    Question 7 figures offshore

    Switzerland and Lichtenstein can work well for you. Have nothing bad to say about any of the places. @Martin Everson how comes you suggest Switzerland, in many of your posts you say people should stay away :D ?
  14. clemens

    Ukraine will release ''e-Residency Ukraine'' program 5% tax income...sound interesting!!! Better like Estonia ???

    So it is going to be impossible for most parts of EU citizens... great work in Haag.
  15. clemens

    Does anyone know the cost to incorporate in Delaware?

    still you can do the entire thing including Fedex parcel costs for less then 800$ It's worth it if you know what you need it for.
  16. clemens

    dominca banks

    I can't risk my money sorry. How much have you flowing?
  17. clemens

    dominca banks

    what bank to use for an UK LTD and which is crypto friendly then ? kraken -> transferwise does not work any longer :(
  18. clemens

    How do people buy properties with crypto without triggering taxman and anti money laundering stuff?

    Swiss does, do you consider it to be a 3rd world country :D
  19. clemens

    UAE residence visa cheapest option

    that's an interesting part of the overall costs of a setup there!
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