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  1. hofo

    Tell me where to setup offshore company today for 100% privacy?

    I need to setup a new offshore company for 100% privacy which has to include -: my name does not appear anywhere public my documents need only to be passport and utility bill my business description can be adult business I need to have EMI account for my company so for the purpose to receive...
  2. hofo

    How to check if bank is valid?

    I found a new (to me it is) offshore bank but I can't say if it is valid, they have all the numbers like other bank has but where can this be checked? This is a bank in Malta is there a public website to check this?
  3. hofo

    New offshore company setup for 2017, please help!

    Hello, I can't say I'm really new to all of this and setting up offshore companies! But I want to get a better structure on my current setup (Seychelles and Belize company) and future jurisdictions. What I'm looking for is to setup a "holding" company that may own the shares of the existing...
  4. hofo any reviews good or bad?

    Wonder if someone know about Send and receive payments, Merchant Payment Services: their website is a DIVI site which I belive can't be a good signal for a payment service company? Other than that is seems pretty legit everything and easy to get approved, Any review, input or...
  5. hofo

    please help with registering offshore seychelles company

    Hi, I just signed up to this forum because I see that there is lot's of help and information here. I have started the process to register a Seychelles offshore company with an agent in Spain! So far so good they are very quick in answering my questions and they have approved my 2 names I gave...