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  1. G

    2Checkout account More information needed for your merchant account

    Hello Offshorecorp community first Thank you for all these valuable information that coast an arm, not even dollars, let's get in the pool :D after my submission of the 2checkout Application I 've sent them all the necessary requirement but they still need documents like invoices and a proof...
  2. A

    Bank requesting invoices for PSP payouts

    Hi! I’ve opened a couple of corporate bank accounts (not EMI, real banks) for my LLC (outside EEA or USA), but once i started receiving payments from 2checkout and other credit card processing providers, these banks started to spit and shout, requesting invoices and explanations for these...
  3. Nanoo

    Any shopify providers that can hide my Company name to my customers

    I own a shopify store and use at this moment Stripe to process card payment but stripe show my company name to the customers and i'd like to hide it. I'm looking for a provider that can hide my company name to the customers (during and after the checkout) by displaying the name of my store...
  4. Nanoo

    Company + Bank account for 40k$/m Ecommerce

    Hey guys, I'm based in UK and i have a ecommerce store generating 40k$ revenue per month (70% from paypal), i want to remain anonymous on the public records because success + privacy is always my goal. I need a offshore company + bank account: - Remain anonymous on the public records. - Open...