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cyprus non dom

  1. metronic

    Cyprus salary and dividends

    hey guys, on of the fb groups I'm in I saw someone post this in and I am curious to see if anyone here has any experience about it. here's his message: personally I never heard of anyone having these issues, personally I think that most people there would pay themselves in dividends on top of...
  2. metronic

    Company jurisdictions for Cyprus non dom

    Hey guys, I just moved to Cyprus and due to their banking history and talent pool, I want to set up my business somewhere else. My business is high in margins so I was thinking about Romania micro company. Anyone has any experience with Romania? (Plus talent pool fits my business and I just...
  3. metronic

    CY resident + Romania micro company

    hello guys, I am in the process of moving to Cyprus this month and I was wondering about the Romanian micro business as it suits my business and the talent pool I need for it. I wanted to ask about cfc rules in Cyprus that could apply to it. I would have a company in Cyprus as a holding...
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