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european company formation

  1. Creocree

    Mentor Group Gold - AD Thread! Companies with EMI for sale (100% Anonymous)

    1. UK LTD with EMI + BUSINESS VISA (100% Anonymous) You get: Incorporation documents, UTR number, Memorandum & Articles Scanned nominee documents (Real not fake): Passport + utility bills. European director and shareholder UK phone number, additional KYC available. Available: Additional EMI...
  2. A

    Question Refusal of 70-90% Income Exclusive in Italy, What Netx?

    Just wanted to bring to everyones notice that my request has been refused for 70-90% exemption in Italy stating "I did not move to italy with the intention to take the 70-90% exemption of income". I was involved in Research and Development activity and finished the R&D in 2023 and moved to italy...
  3. C

    European company formation what's the point?

    Hi, Reading & researching lots for my business which is selling on Amazon and affiliate programs. What I was looking for is a European company formation. I have researched Romania, Estonia and Malta because some of my competitors are registered there with the business. Do you know which...