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  1. Z

    Luxembourg Soparfi provider

    I am looking for a good and reliable provider for a Soparfi (Passive Holding) Company in Luxembourg in order to : - Incorporate the company remotely (prepare docs for the notary,etc.) - domiciliation of the company - secretarial services - fullfilment of the mandatory annual docs (tax,etc.) -...
  2. SaaS

    Did you try Panama Private Foundation as Holding?

    If you have experience with using panama private foundation as a holding company for US LLC and UK LTD please share and give advice, how was getting bank account for LLC and LTD? Also what about EIN and Forms 5420 and 1120? Thanks
  3. SaaS

    Structure advice for SaaS Brazil and Panama Resident

    Greetings, need your best advice for this case scenario: Brazil resident with Brazil company, working with SaaS, also Panama permanent residency. Need to declare ownership of company in Brazil but need legal tax free for this. My idea is: UK Holding owning Panama IBC where I would only be...
  4. H

    Need help regarding Holding + Sub companies structure.

    Hi everyone, Been looking at this forum for some times and today I would need advices from you guys. I am planing to open a holding/trust, which will contain several sub companies, investments (stocks, crypto, ...) and assets. I am looking for a location where taxes are low/none and won't...
  5. P

    Malta trading + UK Ltd holding: corporate tax return in the UK?

    Hi I have the following structure: - Me (tax resident in Malta) - Malta trading company - UK Ltd holding company (parent of Malta trading for receiving tax-free refunds from Malta gov) QUESTION: Does anyone with the same setup manage to find an accountant in the UK who will actually submit a...
  6. P

    Where to start the cheapest offshore company?

    Where can I set up a holding company for my two UK companies (LLPs) that meets the following requirements: -Cheap startup fees -Low annual costs -Tax free or low tax -No strict conditions (accounting, ....) -Full anonymity would be nice, but not essential. This company is only to appear as...
  7. A2xTrad

    2 companies structure staying legal (where?)

    Hi everyone, I got an ecommerce company based in France since 3 years. Business is incearsing well and french taxes become very high on dividends I get. I'm looking for a country to establish a holding company that will invoice the first one to reduce it benefits, or that will be able to pay...