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  1. J

    Georgia EMI license obtaining

    Hello everyone. I am working in financial/crypto licensing mostly in EU. Can anyone comment on the Georgia EMI license obtaining? And can it be used for international clients? A lot of things are heard, like it`s possible to incorporate in any Free Zone and obtain EMI license to service...
  2. tacokai

    e-Money license in Estonia - this guy know the shit!

    I have been searching for information about the e-Money License from Estonia and how it works, I want to know share capital required, upfront costs and infrastructure requirements. I used Google in my research, and this awesome search engine came up with this guy: I wonder how serious they...
  3. tacokai

    Would you store your crypto coins with the new kraken bank?

    I just read the news about kraken that got their first Cryptocurrency Bank License doh948"" I was chocked to read about it and wonderif this is the beginning of ass raping, KYC and CRS in the crypto market? Check out the news here...
  4. D

    Bitcoin gambling license

    Hi everyone I am creating a web casino that only operates with cryptocurrencies, I need information on how I can do this legally, the problem is that my budget is very small, I have been looking at licenses in Costa Rica around 4.000 $, then I saw in some forums that in Costa Rica does not need...
Offshore Bank Accounts