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  1. F

    WANT TO BUY I'm looking for Spanish companies for my e-commerce

    Hi everyone, I've been doing e-commerce for 6 years and I'm looking for a Spanish company to buy or to sign a contract with in exchange for a percentage of the turnover for the expansion of my e-commerce in Spain, I need all this because I need of a payment gateway that converts a lot in Spain...
  2. F

    Question Payment gateways for non-US citizen LLC (Not Stripe/Shopify)?

    Good afternoon. I am Spanish and I do dropshipping with Shopify in Europe and Latin America. But I have a problem, stripe is closed, shopify payments also and I need to know a payment gateway that works well with a LLC. The type of products I sell are very normal (smart watches, shoes...). I...
  3. 5K1PP3R

    Spanish resident creating a company in UK with Wise account. CFC/CRS?

    I will be using a nominee Ukrainian passport holder Spanish resident to create a UK company (100% ownership and director) to receive money from Stripe and send ~80% to Dubai or Cyprus company based on software license agreement. The UK company will not pay any dividends and will make little or...
  4. D

    Renouncing tax residency (Spain) - still liable for tax after I leave?

    Hi guys. I am currently resident in Spain, and having made realised gains in crypto and using algorithmic trading (lots of small trades with small profits, ie. taxable events) I realise I already will need to pull my pants down for the Hacienda. Looking to the future, I would prefer not to be...