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Discussion in 'Make Money Online' started by Dagobert Duckson, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. Dagobert Duckson

    Dagobert Duckson Member Entrepreneur

    I have an idea for a Facebook page that would make money from ads and from affiliate sales.

    Obviously I'd like to avoid having to pay taxes on the income generated, especially since where I live this sort of income is taxed with an especially high rate. The only way I see for doing this is to not use my normal Facebook account and to create one with a fake identity, probably also use darks etc to set up something to receive payments.

    Is this how others here do it? Has anyone ever had a fake Facebook account challenged or suspended?
  2. jite78

    jite78 New Member

    I do not think so because you have to add phone number.
  3. JessicaJohan

    JessicaJohan New Member

    I think how is it possible ?
  4. Chris Rogers

    Chris Rogers Mentor Group Mentor Group

    How about running a shell social/marketing company (which you control) and use a facebook business for pages for you as a client of that company? You can pay the ads by prepaid cards and invoice these things as "marketing service".