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I was looking at Product Hunt today, which many of you probably know is a legit site for promoting various new apps, websites and such things, and I came across a marketplace for trading algorithms. I am not promoting it specifically, and it is most definitely not my website, so if someone wants to find it they can look it up; instead, I want to discuss the concept. It seems to work as such that one pays a monthly fee for using the various algorithms available there, so you do not buy the algorithm. Some cost as little as 5 USD/monthly.

Some years ago I had a friend who was developing an algorithm, and we lost touch before it was finished. It is a subject as such that interests me, and I know some people here on the forum have a lot of experience in it. Being a total newbie in automated trading however, I would first like to ask, how would one use the algorithm to begin with? What are they actually selling? And secondly, does it seem like a viable thing? It seems easy enough to try with such a low cost. I might add that I have experience in stocks, just not automated trading.


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Selling trading algorithms of any kind doesn't work. It's mostly based on endless supply of naive and inexperienced people that want to get rich without any added value. People don't realize they have to either sell their time and do what they are told to do and/or bring something with value to the business (knowledge, know-how, edge of any kind...). It's a general principle with grounds in biology and math.

Imagine you have a (typically software) trading product that can be sold in some form.
It either operates on a market with huge liquidity (like forex) and can be scaled up - then you don't have to sell the algorithm, it's always easier to find more money and boost it on your own without hassle with other people that always bring problems.
Or there is a limited opportunity (time, size, privileged access, ...) that cannot be scaled up and selling your algorithm doesn't make sense even more.

There may be some legit motivations but these are rare cases and not sold on a public market place.

Just my opinion.

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