Alternatives of Google Ad-sense

Discussion in 'Make Money Online' started by JessicaJohan, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. JessicaJohan

    JessicaJohan New Member

    Is there any Alternatives available of Google Ad-sense, Please share your view ?
  2. auric

    auric Offshore Agent Mentor Group Business Angel

    I have been looking for alternatives for a few years never able to find any good one that works.
  3. Khareem Cabey

    Khareem Cabey New Member

    While I still use Adsense, I have also used Advertise dot com and Infolinks. Advertise is very close to Adsense, but not as many advertisers as Google (but they are quality). Infolinks made me approximately $400 monthly with the same traffic that was making me $1900 on average with Adsense.
  4. diablo

    diablo Banned Users Business Angel BANNED MEMBER

    that's bad, however, for someone that is blacklisted at Adsense it's better than nothing!
  5. JessicaJohan

    JessicaJohan New Member

    Ok, Got It, Thanks for replying the informative information.
  6. jite78

    jite78 New Member

    Yeah, i feel so. Advertise dot com is the best alternative of Adsense.