Black Friday on OffshoreCorpTalk Comes with Some Special Perks

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Hello everyone and welcome to the special Black Friday OffshoreCorpTalk newsletter. We have decided to ride with the tide and bring in some exclusive offers for our members and advertisers.

As many of you know it already, our forum survives with your financial help – special thanks go to our advertisers and membership users, not to mention the main sponsors.

Today, we will run a Black Friday campaign with a special offer for pretty much every package. Interested in joining the Mentor Group Gold, but not sure about the perks? Take a peak inside and get a 10 day subscription for only €40.

Payments can be made by cards or cryptocurrency.

Long time subscribers have not been overlooked either. The longer your subscription is, the more value for money you get:

• 3 month subscription comes with a free month
• 6 month subscription comes with 2 free months
• 9 month subscription comes with 3 free months
• 12 month subscription comes with 5 free months

Not only do you support the OffshoreCorpTalk forum, but there are plenty of benefits for the members, as well as exclusive content that is not available in the public forums. Discover our sponsors and advertisers, interviews, content and guides that regular users cannot access.

This Black Friday, advertisers can also benefit from some special offers in order to bring their businesses forward – 15% discounts for a bunch of different packages:

Package 003
Package 004
Package 008

The exclusive Black Friday offers will be available today only. You will have to place the order and make the payment today in order to benefit from the special offer. We are available round the clock today, so feel free to get in touch with us using the contact form - for questions, help or to get started.


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Thank you all for participating that active in our Black Friday offers which ENDED TODAY damn_( We hope you enjoy your Mentor Group Gold memberships and want to let you know that your support to OffshoreCorpTalk is of invaluable importance for us.

Thank you!

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