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Citizinship by naturalization with minimal Physical Presence requirement


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Jun 9, 2023
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Many countries offer citizenship by naturalization after X years of residency.

Some of those countries have very minimal requirements for physical presence during those years of residency. I.e., Portugal.

I am in no rush to obtain citizinship anywhere. However, I'd certainly like to take moves toward creating redundancies.

Which countries are worthwhile obtaining residency, in order to start working towards naturalization, without requiring a significant amount of physical presence?

PS – I don't mind spending some time travelling and money to set things up.
I noticed your first message was connected to a thread that could help you quickly gather ideas. It's a thread from 2020. I'm not sure if you linked it yourself or if it was the forum?
I've never seen that thread before. I am not sure how it was linked. Perhaps automation by the forum software?

From doing some more research, it seems Columbia might be one option. It requires an investment to obtain PR, and then after 5 years of PR, you can apply for citizenship without a physical presence requirement. However, how things are on paper vs how things play out on the ground is often very different, especially in Latam. I might speak to a few immigration lawyers to find out more.
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