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Viro Major

New member
Hi, besides TransferWise, can you recommend other services to convert EUR to BRL ? Either dedicated FX converters or european EMI which would support such transfer (and possibly BRL as default balance, even better)

Thanks for your help


Mentor Group Gold
Why don't you simply receive them oney in USD or EUR and transfer them to your local bank account and exchange them to BRL if that is mandatory?

Viro Major

New member
Nevermind, found a convenient service I’m used to : Skrill money Transfer
About 2% fees versus the mid market rate so on par to be competitive with the banks

Before, checked Paysera, iCard, Bankera, CurrencyFair, OFX and Dukascopy MCA account but BRL was unsupported


Crypto-Cashout Card Expert
Can you be more specific ?
There are cards that exist, that would provide direct BRL anonymously to you longterm, also this setup could be an addon to your skrill alternative...
For specifics send me an email..look at my signature..

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