Looking for tools to find the best keywords - check here.

Discussion in 'SEO and SEM discussions' started by clemens, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. clemens

    clemens Corporate Services Mentor Group Business Angel

    This http://www.keywordrevealer.com/ free tool spits out immediantly all the keywords you may be looking for and not just that, it also let you know how difficult it is to get ranked for the keyword you choose.

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    It is a free to use tool that I had a lot of benefits from, you may want to try it for your SEO work./monthly_2016_03/keywordrevealer.png.80c832cc2243cb1c801bc02d009010e1.png
  2. EuropeBiz

    EuropeBiz Offshore Agent

    How does it works compared to the Google Adwords keyword revealer and the many other keyword revealers around? I use the option in Google Adwords work much better for me.
  3. clemens

    clemens Corporate Services Mentor Group Business Angel

    It is similar to Google Keyword tools. I would even say it may be better with Googles own tool today.
  4. JessicaJohan

    JessicaJohan New Member

    Thanks, This is the very interesting tools.
  5. W4rhol

    W4rhol Active Member Entrepreneur

    You can use Mazen who is an amazing tool for that.
    They are still in beta test for the us version (if I remember good) and you will have the kw of Google ads but also the KW for have a strong correlation in a semantic way with the kw you need.

    I work with them for the FR version and for my client in Google Ads I have some really competitive kw from that tool :)
  6. abdulkaddir

    abdulkaddir New Member

    i think keyword planner is the best tool for keyword research