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Made a HUGE mistake in my life, Need Serious Advice (long post warning)

Hi PT yes I agree that I should be acting quicker, it's in the works! As for the URL if you want I can send it to you via PM? As it's my home country's immigration website.

Meze, unfortunately it's true and there's a word here for it, that means "treating you for a meal" in my country's language.

Like you mentioned, I'm currently in a place that is filled with tourists year-round so they're accustomed to foreigners and never have I been asked for papers. I'd like to work towards something long term though, while my papers are still valid. Once it expires I'll be stuck, like forever.

Yea I think the good thing the US is that corrupt as the gov. officials may be, the entire superstructure is upheld by the facade of justice and equality under the law. At least the US has ideals (purportedly). So if you manage to get enough exposure or press via social media on your case they will likely buckle and do the right, or the popular thing if you get social media on your side.

Whereas with Asia they don't care if the world knows about it - like how Singapore recently murdered (Yes I'm using this word) its citizen for the possession/sale(?) of marijuana, despite facing international pressure from human rights groups they just went ahead with the hanging.

Asians' image that they're just weird and quirky helps their government get away with anything, the world is like : "That's just how they are"

Like how people laugh at North Koreans for clapping and crying when they see their Supreme Leader but I bet they would have a different reaction if it were a "normal" mainstream country. It's hard to explain but yea.

The thing is Jackson - I have done the time. They just keep coming.

Wouldn't this case warrant an Interpol "wanted" status though? As it's a huge case. As far as I know Singapore's immigration is vacuum tight so he must have entered through his own passport?

H Jack, yeah so at this point I'm not even thinking about it as punishment or not, it's just a matter of self-preservation at this point - Like I said, I'm ready tobe judged in the afterlife, but not by these corrupt court judges.

Going to prison changes your perspective on everything.
@bingbong, can you also PM me the URL, would like to see how it works and if my country also has something similair.