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Jul 3, 2024
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Hey everyone

I am new here, but have been in the financial services industry for quite some time. I don't know the rules so I don't want to advertise here our services.

Anyways, love this forum and the info on it. Looking forward to speaking with some of you.

Welcome here!
As for the rules, you can read it here Terms and rules, about advertising here Unlock the Gates of Success: Mentor Group Gold!, general help is here Help
(See the bottom of the page ;) )
To make it short, it is not allowed (unless extra paid for it) to verbally promote your services in other way than in your signature; or you can create one Mentor Group Gold - AD Thread (contact @JohnLocke for details). It is also not allowed to spam other members with unsolicited messages offering your service, even if you are convinced that it can help them to solve their problem... :)

(I have moved this message of yours to a proper (sub)forum, here it can attract more attention.)

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