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P2P Binance Doubt

I can give an example.

USDT - THB Satang (Thailand)
USDT - THB Bitkub (Thailand)

USDC - THB Satang (Thailand) -> THB FIAT -> THB -> USDT BItkub (Thailand)

There's a difference in price (arbitrage) which allows one to take advantage of through near instant banking (and automated via API -> then they sell USDT to via x P2P transaction into THB and scoop back into USDC and then make money on the spread process mentioned above.

I know people making 10's of millions doing this.

The other method is capital control violations.

X with Fiat goes to X with p2p account x then swaps Fiat to Y who has USDT and wants p2p to their account via Binance.com (etc).

X looses a % (normally around 2.5%) which is less than 7% via the traditional method (lawyer).

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