Payment solution for website sell replica products.


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I worked with Chinese processor before fashionpay that i guess is same as king365 its end up them holding 80k to me and dont want to pay, the approval rate is very low maybe 30%, they are not really recommended, i am still looking for solution myself so if you find out anything please let me know also


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For replica product you can try Hipay, but it's a risky processor, who will find anything for lock your money once they have some trouble in their account.
How can you work with hipay they accept high risk ? or you just using a front site ?


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Hipay is french/belgian
It's against their TOS to sell illegal products.
Selling replicas is illegal in France & Belgium
I guess that the explantation for the "risky" part...


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Fashion pay and king365pay is the same scam. They charge ridiculous fees and never pay you on time. The screwed me over 40000 and stopped answering me. They have held this money over 9 months now and it seems they will never pay me. DO NOT USE THEM!!!!!! Here is an example of how they screw clients.


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@John321 sorry to read this, which excuse do they use to freeze your account?

I always advise to stay away from chinese psp, too expensive, low acceptance rate, and at some point they screw you with a lot of money.
You have safer choices for replica in the industry. The key is to aim psps paying at least two times per week to reduce your risk exposure


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hello guys... i need payment getaway aslo.. with who to make deal ? can somebody help?
What business are you into, where is your company located what is the average ticket size?


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What business are you into, where is your company located what is the average ticket size?
hi.. tnx for answer.. i still not open company becouse didnt find payment gateway company who will support my job, and where is company must be opened. i am from EU.. i can open easly in EU or USA, its not problem.

i just start make my web shop but stop till not find PG company..

i have great supplier from china, all product is best replicas on market and verry expensive..

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