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    What's this about?

    Well, we want to provide a supliment to the offshore services discussed here, most of the visitors of this are visiting the CCLOGIC Forum because they already have a established business or they have a business idea on how to get started to earn their first online dollar!

    Some may only have thinked about to get started online and for that reason don't know exactly what they are going to sell and how they are going to set it all up. Regardless of what your situation is then we want to help you to get started, find new ideas or simply help you develop your existing business.

    What is allowed to post in this and what we don't want to see here:

    The rules are pretty simple and we don't want to make them anyway complex. Don't post affiliate links or pure spam, if you post something here, make it something that other's can learn from or ask detailed questions that people are actually able to answer. Short messages will simply be deleted, so "links only" and affiliate link posts. Use common sense when posting, so you make our and all the visitors live much easier and this a better place to be.

    If you have any suggestions, questions or anything else you want to let us know about, feel free to post here in this thread or simply use this for your words.

    All the best to all of you and good luck to make money online :)
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    Thank you so much Admin, I want to be the first to thank you for this move. Will be posting my first article here shortly, hopefully we can get this forum going with quality comments, questions, advise and everything else needed to get started to make money online :cow:
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