Scammed by user Khan - BE WARNED


About a month ago I paid user @khan a significant sum of money to provide a service to me. I came to him because a few months before this, I had paid user @negon to provide the same service and Negon never delivered it, and I understand from @Admin that others users on this forum suffered in the same way. Negon stopped responding to emails and disappeared from the forum.

Khan, a paying user on this forum, said he could help. The agreement was that I would pay him and he would deliver the requested service, and it was very clear that I was not paying just for him to "attempt" to deliver it. I could have attempted to deliver it myself at no cost, and I was paying Khan to do it because he guaranteed that he could do it successfully.

Khan's attempt to deliver the service was unsuccessful. There were a couple of very obvious reasons for it being unsuccessful, including both an error with spelling my name and submitting some information with old dates on it, both indicating significant incompetence or attention to detail. After politely pointing out these errors to him, he decided to stop responding to my emails. I had effectively paid a lot of money for a service (twice) which has not been delivered, and I am reluctantly writing this post to warn others. I had really hoped that Khan would see sense and either refund the money or deliver the service I had paid him for, but he has chosen to be unhelpful and deceitful, taking my money and ignoring me.

I escalated from emailing him to contacting him on the forum via his profile. He has subsequently deleted these messages so that other potential customers can't see that he has been deceitful.

I have also raised this with @Admin but so far have had no response. I may be wrong, but I get the impression that since @khan is paying to advertise his services here that perhaps his actions will be ignored, however if he is capable of doing this to me then it won't be long before he does this to others. I can see that he at least attempted to deliver the service for me, but upon this being unsuccessful, he chose to ignore any attempts to contact him and walk away with my money. This is not the service I paid for, and if you pay him then you are taking the same risk.

I've been very unlucky that this has happened to me twice, and both times I was paying what appeared to be trusted members of this forum that are paying to advertise their services. I have nothing to gain from making this post other than to hope it provides a warning to others. If Khan decides he wants to respond to this and try to paint a different picture, I invite anyone who may be considering using his services to contact me first, as I can provide you with clear evidence of his deceit.

I have no doubt that there are many on this forum that have successfully received services from @khan in the past, and I am sure we will hear from you on this thread, if it doesn't mysteriously disappear. It's clear that Khan did indeed attempt to deliver the service, and it was only after it was unsuccessful that he decided to take the decision of cutting off all contact with me, and running off with the money. I am sure others in the same position would be equally disgruntled as I am. Not to mention this is now the second time I've been victim to this in a period of just a few months.

It has certainly been an eye opening experience and has taught me not to trust people on this forum just because others appear to do so, and the fact they are paying to advertise their services or are active within the Mentor Group really means very little. I am now heavily out of pocket as a result.


Hope that Khan did not get ill or was incapable in some way to complete the service that he was paid to do.
After trying to contact him for over two weeks via email with no response (when previously he had responded to my emails in just a matter of minutes or hours), as I mentioned in my original post, I then tried to contact him more publicly via the messaging system on his forum profile, which other forum users can see. When I called him out publicly for running off with my money without delivering the service, he was quick to respond, claiming he had "completed the order" and that I should stop "spreading lies". After I responded to his message, pointing out that he was in the fact the liar, and that I have evidence to prove this, all of these messages (both mine and his) mysteriously disappeared. I then tried to email him again, but alas, I received no response.

I was very reluctant to post here about this because I had hoped Khan would come to his senses and realise that this is no way to run a business. I can see he has been a member on this forum since 2012, so combined with the fact he is a paying advertiser and a member of the Mentor Group, I had assumed I was safe. Also, I thought the odds of this happening twice in a row must be pretty slim.

As with @7889, what was quoted as just a couple of days took a couple of weeks, and ultimately the service that was paid for was not delivered. The moment I raised this was the moment he stopped responding.

I would love for this to be resolved but the reason I have finally taken to posting about it here is because I have lost all hope of that now happening, and so I want to at least make sure that others don't fall for the same trap.


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Ifyou guys have evidence this time, feel free to post it to me. I have received many so called scam reports from various users about various users and when asking for proof it either went out that people are very bad in communication with each other or there is a lack of proof.

As I mentioned before and also outlined here, Important! - OCT is not a platform for darks activity as such scam reports are not allowed to be posted here! I wil not go into since what you guys are ordering may or may not be legal.

@Admin , no word from you on this?OP put this up 2 days ago can you please step in with some input , gives someone like me a bit of assurance as I just paid to upgrade my account and I see posts like this , seems like money wasted sadly
That you did an account upgrade does not mean that I have to advocate your case, the Mentor Group is for people who seek information which is not public available and as such content from the free forums will from time to time be moved in there as well as other information is published there only.

Don't confuse or mix things together here in your frustration it won't help anyone nor will threads and posts stay here.


If I understand correctly, then a paying advertiser is allowed to scam users without recourse so long as the services they are providing are considered illegal.

I have tried to contact you already @Admin but didn't get any response. I am keen to share more info with you as I don't want other users to suffer the same way, regardless of what it is they have paid for. I will need to share screenshots with you and I'm not sure I can do this via the contact form on the forum, so if you could give me an email I will send these over.



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I already took contact to the user Khan and he showed me the e-mail conversation he had with you including the account he delivered to you which then for some reasn is under review again.

This is a fntastic example of miscommunication, he delivered what was sold, the account is under further review and now you call him a scam.

Sorry but if you don't make sure to agree in details what a deal is about and discuss delivery Terms and follow up Terms then you ask for trouble. I don't want to take anyones party but I find it difficult to call this a scam.

Feel free to provide me with more details by PM if you have something that show that you both agreed to some terms which include what happens if the account is shut down after delivery.


This is a fntastic example of miscommunication, he delivered what was sold, the account is under further review and now you call him a scam.

What @khan has shared with you fails to highlight one major point. Since you have already alluded to the service paid for in your previous post, and since I don't believe the service I am describing to be illegal, I will provide more details here so that all users can see and form their own decision, particularly as to whether or not they consider this to be an issue relating to "miscommunication".

25th March (1 month ago)
I contacted Khan and asked him if he would be able to open a corporate EMI account on my behalf, using documents provided by me to him.

26th March
Khan confirms he can do this. I subsequently email him several times with further questions to clarify exactly what is needed, also sharing my documents with him to ensure he has everything he needs, and to confirm he can definitely complete this job without issue. It's clear during these emails that I am asking for him to set-up a fully verified corporate EMI account on my behalf. Khan confirms that all of the documents are in order, and that he can do it within 24 hours. I send Khan the money and he confirms receipt.

30th March
I have emailed Khan a couple of times for an update, as his original estimate was 24 hours. He responds to say that he is about to start setting up the EMI, and that verification will take from 2 hours - 2 days. Khan uses the word 'verification' in his own email, confirming, if it wasn't already obvious, that the service I am paying for includes successfully verifying the account.

3rd April
I email Khan for an update. He's confident that verification will complete today. So confident in fact, he decides to share login details to the account with me, despite the fact it has not yet been through the verification process. I login with the details he provided, and find that the name he used to set-up the account has a spelling error in it, and does not match the name on the documents I provided. I make Khan aware of this, and ask him what he suggests to do. He says "I think we should tell them". As it's clear by the "we" comment that he's not planning on doing this himself, I draft the message myself and run it by Khan to see that he's ok with it. He confirms its good to send, so I do. Aside from the spelling error there are two other errors I notice in Khan's attempt to set-up the account, which I make him aware of. At this point I ask him what he plans to do if the verification is unsuccessful, to which he doesn't respond.

10th April
Finally, a response from the EMI. But it's bad news: "Account suspended". No explanation is given, but it's also not a huge surprise given the errors noted in the account application. Unfortunately though, the email received is clear that the account will not be reopened. So in essence, I have paid for a service to get a verified corporate EMI account, and I never got this. I got an account which failed verification, the very service I had paid Khan for. I immediately emailed him to ask what next, since I haven't got what I paid for, and it was clear from the outset I wasn't paying simply to register an unverified account, which I could have done myself.

11th April
No response. Email Khan again.

13th April
No response. Email Khan again.

15th April
No response. Email Khan again.

19th April
No response. Email Khan again. In this email I note that Khan has been active on the forum just moments ago, and so is clearly choosing not to address the issue. After no response again, I try to contact him via the forum. He finally responds, saying he has "Completed the order" and that I should "stop spreading lies". I respond again, shortly after which all of these messages mysteriously disappear from the forum.

20th April
I create this thread


I'm sorry, but if you think this is miscommunication then I must be crazy. I have been clear in this thread that I acknowledge Khan's attempt to create the account for me and deliver the service. This I cannot deny. Where things went wrong however is when Khan decided to stop responding to my emails, immediately after the verification process failed. He made zero attempt to acknowledge the problem, or suggest a solution. He just ignored all my messages and continues to do so.

As far as I am concerned, I've paid for a service that never got delivered, and still hasn't been delivered. Khan has made no attempt to rectify this, and thinks that ignoring me will make the problem go away. In my view this is theft, or a scam, but not miscommunication.

I completely agree that had this been a case of my account being suspended after successful verification, then this is not an issue I should take up with Khan, and is not his problem. However, that is not what happened. The "Account suspended" communication came before the account was even verified, and presumably happened as part of the verification process. What I paid Khan for was a verified corporate EMI account, not an account he had attempted to verify unsuccessfully, which had subsequently been suspended as a result.

There is no miscommunication there.

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I do not understand this and I have nothing more to say on this topic. Hopefully they will both sort their issues out in a more respectful and gentlemanly manners.


Damn, live is a bitch, you got your account and it got closed afterwards, now you call me a scam.
@khan as you are fully aware, the account was suspended before it was verified. I paid for a verified account, not an unverified one, and not a suspended one.

I appreciate that you might not like being called a scammer, but the way you have chosen to act (or not act for that matter) is the reason I am making others aware to avoid them suffering the same fate.

- I paid for a verified corporate EMI account
- You sent me login details to an unverified account
- You spelt my name wrong when creating the account, so it didn’t match the verification documents I supplied you
- The account failed verification/was suspended before it was verified
- I made you aware of the above and you decided to ignore me rather than have a conversation to try and discuss and resolve the issue

Because of the above, this thread exists, and regrettably it’s because of your decision to take my money and run without delivering the service I paid for. Despite your claims that “you got your account and it was closed afterwards”, you know this is not true. You even still have access to the email you created for this account and to the account itself, so you have full visibility that this account was never verified before it was suspended.


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You pushed and pushed and pushed and keep pushing to get that account. The account was veryfied when you got it, normally I'm waiting for some days before handing over the password, username and so on but you kept pushing so you got it right away. The rules are simple, once codes are handed over my job is finished.


Attached is the timeline of events for those interested. They can make their own decisions. If you tell someone something is going to take 24 hours, or a couple of days, and they've paid someone they have never met before and do not know, they are obviously going to contact you regularly for updates once the timings given have passed.

In this case, I contacted you only after the timings you'd given me had passed. I didn't ask for you to send me login details, you did this yourself, and when you did it you knew the account had not yet been verified, which is the service I had paid you for. Once you'd done that, you cleaned your hands of the job and walked away. This account subsequently failed verification, as is evident from the screenshots attached.

Why did it fail? Most likely because you didn't even use the correct name when setting up the account. I was under the assumption I was paying for a job to be done, and done properly, not a half-arsed attempt that you would then walk away from when unsuccessful.



do you want me to post username, e-mail and password here for the account that I delivered to this idiot?
If you're suggesting that you now have a verified corporate EMI account that you are happy to share, then yes, why don't you share them with @Admin and then he can then share them with me, or you can share them with me directly. We can then close this whole matter as you will then have delivered what I paid for.