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    it's been a time since i found something like payoneer, i'm with paxum now sometimes they sound like crooks but most times like incompetent losers who work hard to hide stuff ...

    i know about paysera , mistertango,revolut, n26 (i like n26 from outside but it's eu only)at least 2 does not open for my location.
    paysera don't seem like quality , i heard revolut close accounts quickly .

    generally i'm not fan of skeptic services that ask where u sending money after being verified like epayments etc
    i'm looking for promising reliable EMI that work everywhere with IBAN /prepaid card so i would be more unconcerned while keeping some amounts in my account or move funds with peace of mind.

    my business is 100% legit just not trying to waste my time with wrong providers .

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    Good subject,

    Well let's say that now-days there is a lot of Emi's, lot of work to apply for all or to get any experience good or not.
    You have mentionned about all the most known already ( haven't see Leopay ;) ).
    The way i use, i take one company of mines and open to every new EMI i find, then by using them i see which one fit my needs.
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    thanks , i forget about leopay ;)