Important! What can I do with my Mentor Group subscription?

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    There seems to be a lot of confusion regarding what is allowed and what is not when subscribing to the Mentor Group.

    Beside that you get access to the hidden forums with information and posts about all the stuff which we don't allow to be published public then the below rules apply.

    Below is a straight and short list to clarify the rules:

    Mentor Group Access:

    What is allowed:
    1. You can have a up to 3 lines signature with 1 link to your website. You signature can include contact details like e-mail, phone number etc.
    2. You can PM (Private Message / Start a conversation) with forum users IF they ask you to contact you. It is not allowed to contact people directly without permission from them.
    3. It is allowed to have a link on your user profile to your website and other contact details.

    What is not allowed:
    a) It is not allowed to “post spam” the forum which means in clear text, post only to promote your signature or make posts just to increase your post count!
    b) You are not allowed to post “contact me” or “I can help” or “We provide for lots of clients/customers XXX services” or similar sentences which is considered HIDDEN ADVERTISING and which will give you a warning point and in certain cases be banned immediately.
    c) It is not allowed to post an AD or something that can be considered an AD on your user profile, which means, a whole BIOGRAPHY of what services you offer, fees, contact details and everything else what could be an AD
    d) It’s not allowed to make any thread which can be considered and AD or which has the sole purpose of advertising your services! This requires that you buy a advertising thread / sticky thread or stick to banner advertising.
    e) It’s not allowed to do any direct or hidden advertising on the forum, it’s that simple.​

    Paid Advertising, your options:

    There is also a lot of confusion about how you’re able to advertise on this forum!

    1) You can go to this link, Advertising where all advertising options are listed. You can buy your advertising here your campaign get started right after payment and approval.
    2) You don’t need to have Mentor Group access to advertise, but you must be registered on the forum to be able to buy advertising slots.

    The rules are simple and should be easy to comply to. If you feel you need to find loopholes here to try to bypass the rules or play any funny games you will get warning points or simply get banned.
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    Thanks for outlining the rules. Makes it much easier to navigate on OCT thu&¤#
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    Some people here really have to read these rules!
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    We will have access to hidden / secret forums, why didn't you include it above?
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    True, I have add this to the list, thanks thu&¤#
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    You should make a pop up to all Mentor Group users that they confirm to know the rules!
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    Agree, you should have some pop up that splash up on the screen before you let people pay for Mentor Group access.
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    Thanks for your suggestions, well noted. I will try to get it done this way thu&¤#
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    We will setup a marketplace forum in the TOP 3 forums (on top of this forum) it allows service provider to buy a page there for advertising as long as they are a Mentor Group member

    The sales thread is depending on the Mentor Group membership, so if your mentor gorup membership expires the ad will too, to advertise there will cost roughly 400 - 600 EURO one time setup fee.

    They will not be made sticky unless there is paid for it, we consider a fee of EUR 10 or 20 per month to make it sticky and max 5 sticky threads.
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    Great and when do you think there will come service providers in the marketplace?
  11. khan

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    Send payment in bitcoins for 2 months Mentor Group and payment for Marketplace advertising! Thanks for moving fast @Admin your work and your forum is awesome.