What does a Website/Webstore needs hosted in US?

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    Hi guys,

    I have a simple question because in my Country this is big topic and I was not able to find anything regarding US.

    In most European countrys an lawyer can make so so much Problems when you dont have all things listed on your Website/Webstore for example like Tax ID, Company ID, Company Address .. but this is not depending on the Company that always depends where your site is hosted ..

    So what do I have to list on an Website which is hosted on an US Server .. all I found out is Terms of conditions, refund policy, privacy policy and a short about us but do I really have to put no where a tax id or Company id or Company address or something like that ?
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    No there is no need for that on a US server, and if you even want to avoid all of this you simply get hosted offshore where the host will ignore any lawyers request about anything even copyright infringement. Search for offshore hosting in the search field there is a topic with company names.
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    the Problem is i will use the shop Software shopify there your store also includes a Hosting, you are not able to host your shop somewhere else, but when there is nothing Special for US than it is fine, thanks
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    Do you considered Worpdress and WooCommerce and get it hosted on some offshore hosting. It's free and used by thousands.
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    WooCommerce is one of the best shopping systems to setup for small shops. you can use DIVI themes to design it. 1 vote from me for this.
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    So far what I know is that some countries have mandatory details. For example, if you'd be German or have a website in Germany, it would be legally mandatory for you to include an "imprint" (a short version of your contact details). Some other European countries also have data retention laws where you have to specify your data collection activities in an official way.

    The UK in particular has really tough requirements for businesses, you need to publish your contact details and more.

    I however haven't yet found anything so far particular for US-based websites. There could be some I'm not aware of (especially if your business is regulated). What your website must have becomes what your website should have, and some of the typical things you may see in a well-developed website are:

    • Terms and Conditions
    • Privacy Policy
    • About us
    • Contact details
    • A copyright notice
    • Rules if your website is a community
    Those are what I can think top of my head. Writing proper terms and a privacy policy is really hard, especially if you need it to comply with the US laws. Some even claim that it's best to have no terms than poorly written one. If you mean to conduct serious business, it's best to get a professional to avoid disappointment. The terms don't necessarily need to be full of legalese (even if it's the norm), but you should really know what are inside those nevertheless.

    At minimum you should always have a copyright, like (c) Flycatcher 2016.

    Contact details are not strictly necessary if you want to be anonymous, but if that's not a requirement, contact details is a pretty easy way to build trust with potential customers.

    Well-meaning and clear rules are necessary for any community, always put time in these even if you could use some of those blanket terms supplying with various forum software.
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    Do you know about a website where we can download standard docs covering all this? something like templates or so?