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Where in Zürich and Zug rent cheap apartment not on RBNB ?

Keep an eye on Homegate | Immobilien Markt Schweiz (most agents and landlords publish there) and act fast. Appear in person for viewings, speak with the landlord, and submit an application in person right there.

You can find cheap, but it'll be cheap by Swiss standards. Switzerland is not a good place to move to if you're on a tight budget. It won't be an enjoyable experience.
Same. I find it is one of the those places where a hole can burn through your pocket the second you land there. Prices for everything is ridiculous given that you're paying for that Swiss brand name. You can find better somewhere else.

If you're looking for a simliar atmosphere for a relatively lower cost than CH, I prefer Austria. If you want even cheaper look to eastern europe (Bulgaria, Czechia etc...).
Cheap is relative. A decent one bedroom apartment in Zug could run you Euro 4000 a month. That would be considered cheap there. You'd get a similar very nice furnished place in depressed Biella Italy (near Turin & Milan) or South Italy for maybe E 250 a month -- long term. That is about as cheap as you'd pay in Bulgaria, Poland, etc in a nice town.
Regards Peter Taradash
When was the last time you visited Poland? :) Not trying to be a smart a*s lol but it's kinda next to impossible to find a flat for rent in Warsaw or Krakow for €250 a month.
You're right! Of course, you won't get a nice 2-bedroom place in a good Warsaw neighborhood for E250 a month...But in a nice smaller Polish or Bulgarian town or somewhat depressed -rural place, in much of depressed Europe, you can, easily. I think you could also get a nothing-special-studio apartment (long term) in a medium sized decent town-- working class neighborhood . I am not talking about Air BnB vacation resort towns either.