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Wise.com is a scam

Using Wise for the last 5 years without the slightest problems. Use them for both business and personal matters.
Wise have been excellent for me and been really good to deal with for the most part. They did have better service when they were TransferWise IMHO but they definitely aren't a scam!
The problem with these EMIs is that they ALL suffer from:
  1. BIPOLAR disorders,
  2. Dissociative identity disorder, and are
  3. ABSOLUTE hypocrites!

Bipolar disorder
It can cause moods to swing from an extreme high (we'll onboard you; with us, you can do everything etc etc) to an extreme low (we decided we no longer have the appetite for your risks). Manic symptoms include increased energy, excitement, impulsive behavior, and agitation. Calling you to onboard you 24/7 etc.
Depressive symptoms can include a lack of energy, feeling worthless, low self-esteem, and suicidal thoughts. Not following through with transfers, or giving prompt responses etc etc.

Dissociative identity disorder
Formerly known as multiple personality disorder, this disorder involves "switching" to other identities. The salesperson onboards us, the risk assessor says everything is OK, compliance has a problem as soon as you deposit 7 digits in YOUR account at their EMI, then freezes your money, and reports you to their unproductive parasite "overlords" disguised as "regulators". You may feel as if you have two or more people talking or living inside the chat, email, or, if you are lucky, on the phone. You may feel like they're possessed by other identities.

ABSOLUTE hypocrites!
They want FULL KYC and DOXXING etc etc, but they are NOT even able to give you their last name. Such unequal and unilateral business relationships can NEVER flourish! They are doomed for failure! Imagine getting into a business partnership where you put 100% of your money with a person who knows everything about you, has ALL your documents, and all you have of them is the "first name" they volunteer to you...if you call them and ask. This is MADNESS!

Somehow, people have found a way to hallucinate synthetic happiness and normalize this TOXIC behavior because some other faceless & nameless unproductive parasites under the ruse of government gave the EMIs authorization to behave like that! Like WTF???!!! :oops:

I stand flabbergasted on the sidelines observing this fiasco wondering if this is an elaborate joke to prank me :rolleyes:
I believe it all comes down to what business you have with Wise and if you play funny games with them.
I believe it all comes down to what business you have with Wise and if you play funny games with them.

That's pretty much it.
I believe it all comes down to what business you have with Wise and if you play funny games with them.
If I can go a bit out of topic, I thought that if anyone, you gurus on this forum would know that the definition of 'funny' in business is very debatable?;)
Going back to the topic, for us wise so far worked well (even with some Libia customers that EPB told us it was funny), I'd suggest to give one more week.

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