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World’s Safest Banks 2023: Global Top 100

Depends on how you define safety.

GF Mag focuses a lot on credit rating and financial statements, which are good indicators of the financial well being of a bank. If that's all you factor in when assessing if a bank is safe, GF Mag's ranking is probably pretty solid. But do they account for regulatory risk? Security risk? Currency risk? Product risk? Client risk? Systemic importance of the bank?

Chase Bank and Bank of America is ranked 68th and 69th respectively. If either were to fail, the US government would very likely step in to save it.

Several banks on the GF Mag list are functionally useless as they are development banks or other specialized banks that don't engage in day to day banking. What's the point of their ranking? To show how many banks they found on Wikipedia and dug up the financials of?
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Only 1 bank in UK makes top 100. What a shame for a major global financial center smi(&%
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