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    What can I do to ensure my company's tax residency is indeed in an offshore jurisdiction and not Canada in the eyes of the CRA? Canada has a tax treaty with Bahamas (the jurisdiction I'm looking at). I have a online web business. So far, here's what I have listed:
    • 1-2 yearly meetings with the company shareholders in the Bahamas where we make the plans for the business
    • Bahamas support representative (all emails etc. will be answered by someone who lives in the Bahamas)
    • Bahamas hosting (the website will be hosted in the Bahamas)
    • Business accounting and bookkeeping will be done by an offshore company service provider from the Bahamas
    • Registered office in the Bahamas a Bahamas law firm
    Is there anything else I should do? What do you guys do to make sure your offshore companies actually serve a purpose?
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    It seems you have it all pretty much covered. Still I believe you will need to have a CPA or Tax Lawyer locally available to help you fight with the CRA once you file your annual financial tax report in Canada!

    For 10 years or so it would have been the perfect tax plan, but today after all the changes and fight against tax evasion, money laundering etc. you need to do your homework carefully and have professionals on your side.
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    How much do you think a tax lawyer will charge for assistance for situations like this?
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    Can you recommend anyone?
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    Should I hire this person before or after the CRA contacts me?
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    I would rather be prepared and contact this person before they contact you. pay him for one or two hours and ask him how to do it the best way! If the CRA gets you with the pants down it will properly be too late.
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    OK. Can you recommend anyone?
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    In Canada? I mean you need someone close to you. Not some "Internet agent" just so you don't get me wrong.
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    Get some advice from a tax lawyer.
    I don't know Canada's laws, but in some EU countries what you wrote in the first post would be NOT enough to warrant the company's tax residence in a foreign country.

    This is what happens in some european countries:
    • you declare 1/2 meetings there, you even have the proof (flight tickets). but there's only one employee(yourself).
    • tax man see there's only one employee, yourself. But you're not fiscal resident in the foreign country where you have the company located...
    • you say: hey, I have customer support there
    • tax man says: who care about customer support, where is management located? you are the management, you are here, so you'll running your foreign company from this place = you have to pay us taxes.
    • then Double Taxation Agreements come into place

    But but but: if you're company is offshore, your name is not in some public register or better there is not a public register, your offshore bank will not report your name etc, you wouldn't care about all of this.
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    I second that what you say @challenge it is challenging to get this setup to be approved by the tax office!
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    You might look in to having your company owned by a Foundation in Seychelles, Panama etc, all with nominee directors / councillors. You sign a consultancy agreement so that you can still act on behalf of the company for certain tasks, get paid etc. The nominees probably won't cover you alone but it is an extra barrier. The foundation however lets you legally state that you do not own or manage the company. The law in Seychelles even goes as far as stating the UBO of the foundation is the foundation itself so you are not even the UBO when banks ask. It's also advisable to have the nominees as a co-signee on the bank accounts (but don't give them full or sole access).
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    Great advise @mnschwarz thanks for the information ;)
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    Great idea.. do you setup a foundation? can you briefly explain the steps I have to go through to achieve it?
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    This sounds really good. Bahamas I read have lots of huge corporation incorporated there for tax reasons?