Offshore Company + Bank Account + Paypal Required

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    Payoneer sucks compared to many of the other services available and specially for for receiving 3rd party bank transfers which they don't support.

    The solution @auric has for verify PayPal with Cyprus company works just great!
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    Would you say it is better to buy a ready-made company as you did or would you at any time register a new company if you needed now? What I mean, is it really faster to buy a dormant company?
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    Payoneer only works for Adult websites and gaming as far as I can figure out from how this crappy system works?! Or am I wrong you thnink?
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    Can you help me and explain what you did to setup a offshore Company with bank account and paypal account please?
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    Yes, that would be very interesting. Also where did you do it?
    PayPal is not keen to do business with companies in the traditional offshore jurisdictions ...
    So far it only seems possible in Labuan and UAE at setup costs in the $4000-range.
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    Cyprus could be - not sure.
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    Cyprus: 2250eur (opening process) / 1450eur (renew)
    SLP: 2050eur (opening process) / 1450eur (renew)

    Depends where you are buying ;)
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    yeah okay.. I see, thanks for the information ;)
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    Do you have any experience with these jurisdiction? just wondering since I have not operated there at all.