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    I've been toying with the idea of starting an investment company and looking for a little info. Basically I already invest globally on my own (through my IBC) and I get pretty good returns. I'm looking to offer this to friends/family initially with a goal of eventually offering to the public if all goes well. It's not intended to be a massive venture or undertaking; just compliment what I'm already doing.

    I considered either charging a small fee of the profits, or perhaps taking loans and paying investors a decent interest rate; or both. I'm not sure if there's any difference legally though it seems there would be.

    Seychelles doesn't seem to require any special licenses etc from what I can find. Correct me if I'm wrong. Would this be a decent jurisdiction to start with? Any recommended lawyers I could contact? Cheers!
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    Seychelles have the CSL company that is what you want to setup for this purpose. I already asked around with different agent what it would be required to to investment on behalf of friends and people I know. It is regulated the same way as any other investment business offered to the public.

    It would be possible to do a closed end setup that would not require a license but you need to know all investors beforehand!
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    Did you ever got any further with your plan OP ?
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    Do you want to start a International investment company for own purposes or for public investment? I would like to know how you setup your company for public investors if that is what you have setup? thanks.
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    For own purpose it does not require a CSL company or license you can do that with any company!