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  • Sorry Asterion, that I did not reply, because I didn't get an email to check this really just logged back in the forum now. here it is the dude is on Fiverr:
    On Fiverr
    His Name: Inam Accountant: and it's this one:

    I will quickly get your ein tax id from the irs ($30).​

    OF course, it goes without saying...shop around, but this Guy worked for me, and you need a soft copy (pdf file) to show banks if they ask, or to prove your LLC has that specific EIN. Just remember covid has slowed things down, so 5 days might be 6 or 7.
    Hi Asterion, seems you can't reply to a profile post. Yes,- Correct!. But, I didn't phone Philly, the guy I hired for $30 did, so I outsourced, and yes I am a non-resident too, and the EIN was for an LLC, which is a start, right. Later you will need an ITIN (at the latest before you file the first-year tax return) and it's more complicated from what I understand, that I'm still figuring out.
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