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    Phishing / scam mail appears to be from Ledger

    bad news because your xpub gets uploaded to ledgers servers upon initialization with ledger live; along with them having your billing/shipping details spells out t-r-o-u-b-l-e
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    Bitcoin Cash Out Strategy

    What about using something like and bitpay, for instance.
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    Euro Pacific Bank - Peter Schiff Banked Known Criminals, Tax Probe Claims

    My oh my, seems Peter is just full of Schiff!!!!
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    Question Which EMI(S) have crypto-fundable VCCS?

    This is a bump of the thread does anyone know????
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    Question Which EMI(S) have crypto-fundable VCCS?

    Hello all, Does anybody know which EMIS issue virtual credit cards with the option of funding them via crypto? I mean besides Advcash & Wirex are there any other reputable ones? Ones that allow multiple vcc's per account would be best.
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    How is it that all these criminals can launder trillions but honest people can't even get a bank account open?

    As George Carlin once said (im paraphrasing) : They're all part of a big club, and YOU AINT IN IT
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    China, Bitcoin and a New Era

    I would like to hear your thoughts about the last big thing(s) which were created as truly grassroots and not created as part of an "conspiracy" operation (not saying this as an insult, truly curious). It's possible monero/bitcoin were state sponsored creations, but they are both nowhere near...
  8. B - Goverment total control Plan

    id2020, same as covid 19, same as agenda 2030, it's all the same shit, from the same shits.
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