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    Is SatchelPay reliable?

    Hi guys, for those who don't have access to the mentor group, what is the bottom line in regards to SatchelPay - is it trustworthy or not?
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    Georgia - PoA for business bank account

    Do they allow to receive wire/SWIFT transfers to business accounts? This is a little bit unclear from their introduction email, which states the following: "For business: - Accept payments from millions of Payeer users, cryptocurrencies, bank cards, cash and payment systems - Mass payments for...
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    Georgia - PoA for business bank account

    Yes, that one. The steps you depicted create a personal account.
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    Georgia - PoA for business bank account

    Do they onboard businesses? I see fees for businesses, but can't find an option to request a business account opening.
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    Georgia - PoA for business bank account

    Are you going to have any presence in Georgia? If not, be prepared to have the TBC account closed eventually. I had an IT company in Georgia with a business account in TBC, after several transactions they said that my business did not have any connection to Georgia (despite us employing a...
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    Do you pay any Federal tax with Delaware LLC as a non resident?

    Does having a US manager without a salary make the above mentioned income ECI (or the whole LLC a subject to ETBUS for that matter)?
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    Bank account for Georgian company

    Is it possible to open an account for a Georgian company in CIM remotely?
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    Post Brexit Transferwise

    This is rather a US's and EU's achievement. Haven't they relocated their manufacturing to China, China would still have been floating in the same shit.
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    Transferwise Refund after Account Closure

    Try AdvCash. Since they don't allow 3rd party incoming transfers, opening an account with them is pretty simple. And they should work for your purpose.
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    Cross-border families, dual citizenship and tax evasion

    How is it illegal? Even in the US a person can add authorized users to their account, issue a debit/credit card in their name and let them use the money in the account. And this would be perfectly legal. The same goes in other countries. For example, a father issues a card linked to his account...
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    Opening US bank account for non-residents

    BoA is 100% working with Google Voice. Just used it a couple of days ago.
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    Opening US bank account for non-residents

    Wells Fargo is one of very few US banks, which don't work with Google Voice numbers. Most banks do work with Google Voice numbers perfectly. Speaking from personal experience.
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    Advice Needed - Where to Move?

    Here is an awesome resource about US LLCs that has answers to virtually any questions you may have on the subject in a very simple language: Learn How to Form an LLC (step-by-step) | LLC University®
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    My experience with bitsafe( keep updating , and share with all the fellows here, it said accept adult business)

    When did they provide you with the account details? Before or after the verification?
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