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    Advice Needed - Where to Move?

    Here is an awesome resource about US LLCs that has answers to virtually any questions you may have on the subject in a very simple language: Learn How to Form an LLC (step-by-step) | LLC University®
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    My experience with bitsafe( keep updating , and share with all the fellows here, it said accept adult business)

    When did they provide you with the account details? Before or after the verification?
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    My experience with bitsafe( keep updating , and share with all the fellows here, it said accept adult business)

    Hi guys, I just signed up for a business account in this EMI and the procedure was too simple to be true, so I believe some puzzle pieces are still missing. I used the online form for signing up and was asked for just my email address, company name and jurisdiction, phone number and the business...
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    Help finding bank account for my LLC (Wyoming)

    Can you elaborate on which ones?
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    AdvCash use cases

    I frequently hear positive feedback about AdvCash as an EMI for business. Considering they do not allow to receive 3rd party transfers to business accounts in their system, what exactly are use cases of this EMI for business that people like so much?
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    List of Banks, EMI's, Payment processors and BTC to FIAT institutions.

    By the way, what AdvCash business accounts are usually used for, considering they don't allow to receive 3rd party transfers?
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    Bitcoin gambling license

    Me too, but I, conversely, have the games part done and polished, but don't have the payments part sorted out.
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    Bank account for Georgian company

    I’ve been always wondering if asking the tax ID explicitly is really necessary to track someone down. Technically, your passport number should be sufficient for the government of your country to get all information about you, including the tax ID.
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    Bank account for Georgian company

    The sending company was/is not on the list. It is just a social network, access to which was banned in Ukraine. This is what TW referred to as “under sanctions in Ukraine” and this certainly was not legally preventing TW from receiving transfers from that company. So in that particular situation...
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    Bank account for Georgian company

    EMIs can be quirky at times too. For example, I had an account with TW and was expecting a transfer from a russian company. They not only blocked the transfer, but also closed the account consequently because, they said, the sending company was under sanctions in Ukraine. Even though TW has...
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    Bank account for Georgian company

    At this point the tendency is such that the correct way to say it is "This is the sole reason why people bankED there". Banking for foreign owned companies in Georgia is getting ever more difficult. The above mentioned promotion of Georgia is rapidly dying without even having been properly born.
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    Bank account for Georgian company

    Lol, Uncle Sam squeezing balls of banks across the globe with all this FATCA crap was not in the interest of those respective governments either. The world has changed and will keep changing.
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