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    Done with EPB - Need An alternative

    It is not the same company. They use the license of that globalnet company but they have their own company etc Anyway we try them and they seem better. Globalnet does not even bother to respond to email and wirewallet has own support and procedure etc
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    Done with EPB - Need An alternative

    Have you tried Wire Wallet? Heard about them this week from some fx companies and seems they process payments to and from exchanges. Website is
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    EMi to recieve many wires from individuals

    You can open in Barclays UK for low/medium risk for offshore company but not unless you hold £100,000 in a deposit account. For high risk (regulated FX) you can open C2B account in Barclays UK but they want £1,000,000 in a deposit account!
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    MoneyNetInt are "Investors" in GlobalNetInt. The Head of BD at MoneyNetInt started on "his own" (he didn't as MoneyNetInt are Investors). This is because MoneyNetInt are pretty much blocked by all regulating bodies in the EU (CySEC actually posted that Brokers cannot deposit with them). All...
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    Elite Formations: Any experience?

    They have a very strange fee structure. Some fees are very high and other fees are even lower than the actual government fees to incorporate a company. Never tried them so cannot confirm, but it does seem strange to be able to charge less than you are being charged...
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    corporate bank account opening in Cyprus

    Bank of Cyprus does this all the time. The only time you need an Introducer is 1. You cannot travel to open the account. 2. You have nominee directors
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    corporate bank account opening in Cyprus

    International Business Unit. It is the department that deals with companies not registered in Cyprus or UBO's with international citizenship.
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    corporate bank account opening in Cyprus

    Hello, Yes. You can do it yourself but you need to visit the IBU departments in either Nicosia or Larnaca. In general, it is better to contact them prior to visiting as they can be busy. You can just send an email and one of the staff will contact you and you can go from there. Hope this...
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    Best country in 2018 to register an offshore company

    They don't accept: Saint Vincent St Kitts Curacao Cayman Islands.