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UK Ltd with emi bank account

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    List of EMI that are/aren't related to the Russian mafia

    ok, but what is the problem with russian emis/business?
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    Big debt in foreign bank

    sorry to take so long to answer, I just saw now I had + 40K EUR balance in the bank the more balance, the more credit this is how it works with swissquote
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    Big debt in foreign bank

    yes, it's gambling addiction, buddy... does the fact of being a credit card debt change anything regarding the legal consequences you mentioned in your comment?
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    Big debt in foreign bank

    I'm sorry if I expressed myself wrong, but it's not a loan is credit card debt
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    Big debt in foreign bank

    that' s what I thought, thanks for the answer
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    Big debt in foreign bank

    Well, I'm reading about it. Apparently the most likely thing is that they make a lot of calls, send e-mails, and after a while transfer the case to a debt collecting agency. A personal visit is very unlikely... I don't have a fixed residence, I'm a digital nomad, I don't have assets, salary...
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    Big debt in foreign bank

    I have a debt of 40K EUR in a Swiss bank. I am from Brazil...I don't live in Switzerland, but I would like to know what the possible consequences are. Can I be forbidden to go to Switzerland? In the European Union? Can I be arrested for this? What are the legal consequences? At the moment I...
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    Question Hide money from wife

    if there were simple solutions, Jeff Bezos would have done...if not even the richest man in the world could escape from this, then accept the harm my friend
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    This is not a scam, it is called a freeze of funds and is done by all payment processors, banks and financial institutions if necessary You must answer the questions, send the documents and solve all the pending issues in the coming weeks and you will get your money back... if this is not a...
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    Probable scam, Octapay

    Yes, I received an email from Rebecca and Octapay too...they are the same owners of IPayTotal, another major scammer scheme
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    UK Ltd or LLP what's the best and how to pay less tax?

    About TW, it's possible for a US LLC, so I suppose it's also possible for a UK LLP
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    UK Ltd or LLP what's the best and how to pay less tax?

    Yes, but particularly in my case I do not pay taxes (legally) in my country. brazilians who do not live in Brazil and inform this situation to the IRS do not pay taxes to Brazil. And I am currently not resident in any country, I live traveling and depending on tourist visas... About bank...
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    UK Ltd or LLP what's the best and how to pay less tax?

    Ok, a UK LLP with an offshore company as a member is not a good idea to get a bank...but what about a UK LLP with two members (normal people) from countries outside the EU? Wouldn't it be easier to get a bank account while avoiding taxes?
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    Anyone heard of IPayTotal?

    I would like to thank the forum, I was accepted and already had the contract in hand when I researched information and found out that this is a bunch of scammers. Unfortunately I couldn't find out the name of the bank as some people wanted to know...
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    Opening a bank account remotely

    in my account I have no maintenance fees you will have to do an identity check via video call, you can ask this to make sure there will be no monthly maintenance fees for you either.
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