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    Question Germany EMI bank account

    As previous members mentioned, account opening without video KYC is not possible with German EMI's because of regulation imposed by BaFin. Regulatory bodies in other countries e.g. Netherlands aren't so strict and also photo upload based KYC (Bunq)
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    Best ways to benefit from low interest rates?

    I expect the interest rates to remain low for the next years. One of the best gifts our generation has compared to that of our parents. I have been planning on to utilise leverage in both real estate and small business buyouts for while. I'm confident of my IRR and being able to borrow <2% is a...
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    Best offshore holding and EU trading structure?

    Yes the former case is correct. I'm already able to take some money out to ensure my livelihood. Goal is to reinvest as much as possible. The only reason I want privacy is me wanting to avoid Exit Tax when I change my tax residency. My biz is as clean as it as can get. But at same time I also...
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    Best offshore holding and EU trading structure?

    Hi guys, Long term lurker and want optimise (or fix) my current structure and would really appreciate your input. Current situation: EU tax resident (non EU citizen) I bill customers through UK Ltd as a trading company and the money is held in an EMI Goals: Avoid CFC Lower taxes Privacy (only...
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