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  • Hi We have the same issue and firstly the bank has taken €5000 in fees and penalties even though all our documentation was in order and now we still have money in the account that is blocked and we cannot even get it out. No response from out bank representatives and functionality to view the bank statements has been removed so we cannot see what the bank is deducting and how much, only the final balance.
    They are just buying time. I have provided all the requested documents and another EU account on the name of the same company to transfer the funds but eventually they transformed the account into "dormant" (and keep stealing money from the account for various made up fees)
    What about suing them? Did you already talked to a local lawyer?
    I am going to file a criminal complain against the bank and its officials anyway
    We face the same with 6 digit amount blocked with Rietumu Bank.
    And you know what, our incomes come ONLY from Google (We are partner with Google Adsense)..

    After we answer/provide them all what they asked, Yesterday they asked AGAIN another strange requirements.
    Seems they wanna win more time..They cooking something :(
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