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  • I wish I could dig deeper in AdMob/Google Ads/Google IAPs+subs/Apple/AppLovin, etc. business questions in the DM, but I cannot write you. Please write me if you are still interested in such conversation.
    Sorry for the delay, concerning the import/export gold company in DMCC

    You can contact them directly in their official website.
    Once it’s done you open your bank account as per my experience it will be the most difficult part.

    Then you can start looking for supplier:
    • Gold from direct source you can get them from -3 to -5% of LBMA
    • Diamonds directly from supplier based in Surat you can easily marge from 10% to 20% depending on where you sell.
    Hi, saw ur post. How may I contact u? I may have some interesting opportunities for you.

    U may also check my profile for my contacts
    Hi, i read that you are investing in dubai, i would be interested in investing too. Did you trust anyone? Or do you know someone who can help me?
    thank you

    I was reading your post regarding royalties Portugal NHR + Luxemburg company

    Have you been able to implement this structure? I'm thinking about doing the similar thing with Estonia, but I'd love to hear whether you encountered any issues.
    I kind of have that being resident in the UK, but not domiciled there. I'm allowed not to declare any income that arises from outside the UK, so long as I don't bring it to the UK. So in that sense I am in a bit of a tax haven situation with non-UK sourced income.
    Hi! Did you get any updates regarding app revenue through Apple and Google?
    Hello, I haven't yet. The best way, in my opinion, is creating a US LLC to collect revenue but then you have to take personal residence in a place that applies 0 % tax and has a tax treaty with US. UAE for example does not have a tax treaty so Google will withhold a 30% amount on all the payments if you enter your UAE residential address.
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