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    Safest and best tax jurisdiction for Russian IT company?

    Hello @DavidS, Depend on how you are going to maintain your business. Might be UK LP structure will be an option for you if you don't want really care about the company Few fules to make it super easy 1) Nominee from not taxtatible jurisdictions 2) No financial relations with UK counterprties...
  2. Howl1337 is a scam?

    @XproBanc you look more and more like a scam by not answering these questions.
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    Epayments refund status

    Not trusted source) That is why I'm asking here Yeah, that's true, as I understand they are paying low balances atm to keep the system looks operating.
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    Epayments refund status

    Nope, there is no fresh information about payout to personal and corporate accounts, but as I mentioned a not trusted source told me that they pushed EPM via court and EPM made a full payout to them from EPM business bank account to their bank account, so I would like to check this information...
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    Epayments refund status

    Hello everyone, I got a corporate account in Epyaments and got some funds blocked there (close to 100.000 EUR) and this is my pain As I know EPM started to make payouts to personal accounts, but what about corporate accounts? From a not trusted source, I received information that three...
  6. Howl1337 is a scam?

    @Admin CRAP, let me change it to the domain or please remove the email This was not professional on my side
  7. Howl1337 is a scam?

    Hello guys, I'm thinking about starting my own list with suspicious financial companies. So, recently got a small conversation with They are like registrars who give you a dashboard and connect new accounts when your current account gets ..... (paste your own reason) So, what...
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    I need offshore company with crypto friendly bank

    Hello, so what happened with your account after it?
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    Question Wise as the transit bank for company own transfers (guide how to use wise business account correctly)

    Hah, got the same feeling. To make sure I've understood you correctly. You made the transfer to wise, right?
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    Question Wise as the transit bank for company own transfers (guide how to use wise business account correctly)

    Hello, As everyone knows wise don't have compassion in account closing and I'm trying to understand how to work with them correctly. My case: Right now we accept payments from Stripe to Wise and I'm thinking to use Wise as transit account to the same company account in another bank/emi. We...
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    Wallter UAB

    @Martin Everson have you worked with these guys?
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    Any feedback about ?

    Hah, I've heard you. It depends on the angle at which to look at it. Let's say I know some insides of doing business in the UK. Talking about classic offshore in the beginning they are good, but when you expand business there are tons of problems. As an example, we have several counterparties...
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    Virtual cards

    As I understood they do not have any limit on cards amount, but they have US prepaid MC. P.S. IDK how, but these cards are fully functional for payments in google