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  • Hi Jackfrost, I saw some comments from you about Portugal NHR residency + Malta LLC being a bad idea / dangerous. Could you please clarify why this is?
    Hi jackfrost, If you are actually on Malta now feel free to PM me, this week is good
    Hi @jackfrost I read your posts on Malta.
    With homeless residence in Malta and companies in Estonia (online job, no employee)

    Could it be a problem for Malta?
    so at the end of the day cfc doesnt matter at all?


    about your post on Atad and CFC rule in Malta, you Have wrote that you ask to some Maltese legal firms, could you please advice me which maltese firm have you consulted?

    thanks and beat regards
    Hi @jackfrost ,

    Based on your recent posts I believe you are living in Malta as a non-dom with holding company outside Malta. I heard that Malta introduced CFC rules as well. How exactly you are dealing with "place of effective management" rule and "CFC rule connected to the foreign holding company owned and managed by you in from Malta?
    does not concern the tax refunds or foreign income at all. the cfc rules work the other way.
    Hi @jackfrost ,

    I’m resident in Malta as NON dom, i’ve malta ltd with holding uk ltd, i’m ubo e director of both, this could be a problem to get 6/7 tax refund?
    should be fine. no idea about what the uk will tax
    Hello Jackfrost

    I am an online entrepreneur (affiliate marketing) resident in Malta. I read your posts about Malta and I can see that you understand and know a lot about the remittance system taxation. I talked to a few accountants but never found really good advice. As you are a business man, I would like to PM you and ask you for a feedback on a few things, but I can't. Are you able to PM me? Thanks
    Hi Jackfrost,

    Since you are so knowledgeable about tax in Cyprus, I just wanted to ask you a question if you don't mind:
    I've read that mandatory Social Security contributions in Cyprus are 15% of income when you're self employed, bringing overall tax to 27.5% (including corp tax). Is this correct?
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