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  • Hi @jackfrost ,

    I’m resident in Malta as NON dom, i’ve malta ltd with holding uk ltd, i’m ubo e director of both, this could be a problem to get 6/7 tax refund?
    Hello Jackfrost

    I am an online entrepreneur (affiliate marketing) resident in Malta. I read your posts about Malta and I can see that you understand and know a lot about the remittance system taxation. I talked to a few accountants but never found really good advice. As you are a business man, I would like to PM you and ask you for a feedback on a few things, but I can't. Are you able to PM me? Thanks
    Hi Jackfrost,

    Since you are so knowledgeable about tax in Cyprus, I just wanted to ask you a question if you don't mind:
    I've read that mandatory Social Security contributions in Cyprus are 15% of income when you're self employed, bringing overall tax to 27.5% (including corp tax). Is this correct?
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