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    Dubai World says needs creditor deal to get

    Dubai has undergone credit crisis recently,to with stand the crisis and avoid further financial melting down, major business group and the Dubai Government planning to provide financial and some stimulus packages.The excepted this make a momentum in from the current situation
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    What are bonus shares?

    From the stock market news one news hi lighted , that is a company has given bonus shares in 1:1 ratio.Reporters written down that doled gives better demand to the shares in market.Please help me to clarify the doubt about the bonus shares
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    Europe's main stock markets fell at the start

    Europe's main stock markets fell at the start.London stock market fell 0.12%. This can be seen as the after effect of down turned US market after a week long consecutive rally.But in my personal opinion about the European market is optimistic,reason for the strong belief is due to the...
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    Nikkei average closed above 10,000 on Friday

    Asian markets show their strength Most of the Asian markets shows moderate leap especially Chinese market has given a big contribution to did a sound closing of the Asian market. Chinese share surged 5% in the week.Optimistic news from the US job rating gives a strength to the Tokyo, Shanghai...
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    Nikkei average closed above 10,000 on Friday

    Nikkei average closed above 10,000 on Friday,this is a hopeful news for the investors,industrialist and analyzers.Market has been focused on the appreciation of the yen against dollars. Exchange rate of dollar/yen is traded around 89.20 that made the market continue its upward trend.
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    Depreciation of US Dollar

    Hi, As we can see in news, it reports that recently there is a depreciation of US dollar against Euro and other currencies. How far the depreciation will be? It goes in a way which can lead the other country currency or a group of currencies get a chance to trade. I think if the US dollar...
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    What is meant by GDP?

    Hi.. In a speech done by the official representative of planning and finance department explained the result of comparative study done recently .It was done to get an idea about the upcoming economy that will lead the coming days of trade and commerce.In that study they found some of the...
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    What is meant by Credit crunch?

    Hi... The term that I noticed from a media that explained the crisis that we undergo, In that documentary program they stress the word credit crunch,they used that word more than ten times,so I was little bit confused by that word and I have been searching for the proper and meaning full...
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    What is meant by Stimulus package?

    Hi, Recently I heard the term stimulus package,The term that I noticed in one news paper that narrate an interview with federal reserve chairman,He frequently spoke about the stimulus package given by the US government to give a momentum to the melted economy
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    what means Subprime mortgage crisis?

    Hi In the recession time I was frequently confused with the term Subprime mortgage,It mainly seen in news related to bankrupt cases,If you are strong enough in finance and economics please give me a valuable reply
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    What is meant by remittance money?

    Hi.., In a lecturing speech I heard the word remittance money when he was criticizing about the brain-drain from the developing nations. I would like to know more about this. Could anybody share some valid information regarding this?
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    What is meant by the term Tax Havens?

    Hey guys, Recently I noticed the word Tax Havens. What does it mean? If you have vivid knowledge about that please do reply. Thanks.
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    Software pro (on training) from India

    Hi, I am new to this forum, just registered here thinking to share some ideas with the members and to learn new things. I just completed my masters in computer science. In India we have almost all the latest courses and IT developments. I would like to know more about the advanced and useful...