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Europe's main stock markets fell at the start


Offshore Agent
Oct 7, 2009
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Europe's main stock markets fell at the start.London stock market fell 0.12%.

This can be seen as the after effect of down turned US market after a week long consecutive rally.But in my personal opinion about the European market is optimistic,reason for the strong belief is due to the strengthening of the Euro against US dollar.In this time investors from the Europe and outsiders try to invest in European market to get a better exchange rate while withdrawing, the investment.The European market will come back it previous glory easier than the US market
Yes I do agree with your views to a some extent on the conditions of European markets.But falling just 0.12% has no significance on any stock markets worldwide.The global markets has witnessed massive rally recently.So some profit taking by the investors and traders is common.Strengthening EURO against US DOLLAR is temporary.